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Hearing Different Reverb Types

If you can hear the difference between different reverb types, it is much easier to make decisions on your recordings.

Do You Put the Damn Compressor Before or After the EQ?

Compressor before or after the EQ? Here are some ideas and guidelines to help you develop your own thinking about this.

Use the Pawn Shop Comp Backwards

Dan approaches using the Pawn Shop Comp from a very different angle. Here’s why he does it, and here’s how to do it.

The Three Reverb Set-up

Nailing the reverb and ambience on lead vocals can be really tricky. This is a fast way to do it that is nearly foolproof for any genre of music

A Cool Snare Trick

A really useful mixing trick for snare drums using two instances of the Micro Digital Reverberator. This one is courtesy of Dan Korneff.

Pumpkin Spice Compressor?

It's fall! Need some spice in your audio life so it goes well with your pie? Then the PSC is your guy.

Practical and Impractical Reverb

Dan Korneff shares his thoughts on using reverb in a mix to create space and as a special effect.

Write in Character

Some ideas on how not to write the same old thing you usually write. With some guest appearances by David Bowie, the 10CC and the incomparable Nina Simone.

How Not to Wreak Your Mix

Wanna wreak your mix? Spend a lot of time on one stupid aspect and lose your view of the whole thing. Read this to find out how NOT to do something that damn dumb.

30 years of music: by Dan

30 years ago Dan was a kid who loved music, but had no idea where it would lead him. 30 years ago he took the first steps on a journey that brings us all here.

Fix that Dumb Love Song’s Ass Right Proper

Even a dumb country love song can have cool lyrics. This post is the start of a bunch on production ideas, starting with songwriting and lyrics. 8lbs 4oz Baby Jesus, try not to make it all about you.

Masterfading 2: Riding the Masterfader

Improve the interest and dynamics of your song by moving the masterfader a little bit here and there during your mix. It’s easy. It’s fun. It won’t stunt your growth.

Talkback Limiter = Bass Amp???

It’s all about breaking the rules. Dan K. shows you how to do it for bass sounds in this short video.

Masterfading 1: Better Fade Outs

Fadeouts on a record can be a work of art, or they can sorta suck. Here are a bunch of ideas on how to up your game at the end of the song.

How to Win

Much can be learned when an unpronounceable hurricane takes out your power and you need to get your generator fixed. And it applies to audio! Surprise surprise!

How to Screw-Up

Mistakes will be made, in the studio and in life. Get beyond them. They mean you’re moving up and forwards in your career. Learn the lesson now!

Ye Shall Be Released... Understanding Compressor Release Time

The release is the hardest parameter to set on a compressor, making it just as hard to explain what it is and how to set it - but here we do just that.

Slap, Punch, Transients, Compressors, Oh my!

Having issues getting your mix punchy? You probably aren’t setting the attack time right. This article covers exactly that, with a really clear explanation of how to do it, and some video examples.

Limiters, Compressors and Walking Dogs

We are talking about compressors for the next few weeks. It all starts with understanding the differences between Compressing and Limiting. Not as it is described in text books, but as it occurs in the studio.

Working Studio: block capitals, neat handwriting, Sharpies

You should get in the habit of labeling everything with a piece of Artists Tape and writing in block capital letters with a Sharpie.

Drums, Limiters, Gates, Hugh, Pete and Phil, etc.

Drum bus compressors have become a big deal. What follows are some ideas, some things to try, and some history to know about drum bus compression.

The Book that Changed my Life

Books can change your life if you read the right ones. Home Recording for Musicians changed Luke's life in the late 1970's.

Eddie Kramer's Drum Sound Secret

Engineering God Eddie Kramer is in the studio down the hall, but he won't let anyone see his drum mic set-up. What's an up and coming engineer to do? Sneak in, of course!

How the Pawn Shop Comp Came to Be

People love the Pawn Shop Comp, and they keep asking Dan, "How did you ever come up with this thing??" Read about the Pawn Shop Comp's labor and eventual birth!