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Dan Korneff

Dan Korneff is a producer, mixer, engineer who has an extensive discography including some of the biggest names in new rock (Pierce the Veil, Paramore, Papa Roach, Breaking Benjamin, Sleeping With Sirens, My Chemical Romance). Dan is considered “an engineer’s engineer,” with not only creative and music skills, but also a deep technical understanding of the electronics of the equipment.

Dan started his journey towards plug-in development by repairing and modifying his own gear, rebuilding consoles and vintage compressors and equalizers, designing circuits and eventually making custom outboard equipment. This led naturally to the design of plug-ins.

Korneff Audio plug-ins are inspired solutions to real-world recording issues encountered at the highest levels of audio production. Other plug-in companies develop their software in a lab or a conference room; we make ours in working studios on projects destined for commercial release.

Korneff plug-ins are based on component-level, behavioral, and physical modeling of circuits, and Dan does all of that work himself. We spend a lot of time getting things to sound right and to function in a creative, fun manner. We want you to tinker and experiment everything, but we also want you to be able to move fast in the studio, so you can get through your sessions efficiently, professionally. Most of all, we want you to make great music and great records.

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Luke DeLalio

Luke has an extensive background in just about anything to do with creativity. He started in music as a guitarist, then moved into engineering and production, working on records in multiple genres through the late 80s into the mid 90s, when his life was upended by tinnitus.

Luke pivoted into theatre, directing plays and musicals regionally and Off-Broadway, teaching acting and somehow becoming a sought-after photographer.

Ever fleeing boredom and the same old thing, Luke took up design and fine art, and now spends his time with Dan developing all things Korneff, writing on all things cultural, consulting on marketing and web projects, and coaching creative people who are sick of it all and want to change things up.

Luke and Dan met almost 30 years ago, when Luke was freelance engineering and took on Dan as an assistant. Now Dan is the master and Luke is the padawan. How cool is that!

Feel free to write Luke at Korneff Audio if you have tinnitus and it’s destroying your life. Been there, done that, you can get past it, too.