Changing Short Term Dynamics

A video on poke and hang, using pink noise to show how compression can reduce masking.
May 13, 2022
Psc In Heaven

A few weeks ago I tossed around the concept of Poke and Hang. The more I think about this, the more important it becomes as a fundamental audio concept, especially in mixing, and especially when working with compression and saturation.

This is the video I wish I had made a few weeks ago, when I first trotted out Poke and Hang, because the idea best makes sense in the context of a mix, and masking caused by all the different parts of a mix.

For this video, I’m using pink noise as a stand in for all of the other elements of the mix, and I’m processing a single acoustic guitar track with the Pawn Shop Comp. This lets you focus on hearing what the compressor is doing to the guitar in relation to the pink noise. I think it will make the concept clearer for you.

So, this post is just a video. Minimal jokes and snarkery this week.

Again, thanks for all the supportive email. You guys are great. And thank you for putting up with me as I figure out how to better present myself on video.

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