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The Talkback Limiter

A modern take on a vintage classic, our Talkback Limiter has all the punch and color of the original. It does wonders to drums - think HUGE and THICK. This is the sound of the 80’s.

But we’ve taken it into the future, by added additional controls to make our Talkback Limiter more versatile than the original. Use it all over your tracks. Bass? Drums? Synths? Vocals? It’s killer wherever you put it.

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We’re Korneff Audio. We’re working engineers who make equipment that sounds great and is fast and easy to use in the studio. We understand your workflow, we understand your goals, and we want to help you achieve them.

We also add additional controls and Audio Nerd Tweakability to all of our plugins. This makes them more versatile and a great value for your money. Flip over to The Other Side and adjust all sorts of parameters to get the sound that’s in your head.

Party out front, business out back. Like a reverse mullet. Except much much cooler.