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Echoleffe Tape Delay

Original price was: $199.99.Current price is: $159.99.


The Vintage Tape Delay You’ve Been Waiting For...

(and waiting for...)

The Echoleffe Tape Delay is an audio plug-in for your DAW that gives you the sounds and spirit of a fabulous, all-tube tape delay from 1961. It adds effortless character and vintage mojo to your recordings and mixes. But it’s TONS more than just a tape delay.

Three different operational modes give you delay effects, tape saturation and a tube preamp. You have to hear this thing. You’ll poop the console.

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Tape Delay Mode

The ETD is a fantastic tape delay simulation with unmatched versatility and sonics. From pristine vocal echoes to outer space flange effects, the ETD is a tool that brings out your creativity.

Tape Saturation Mode

Tape Saturation mode switches off the delays and turns the ETD into a dedicated tape saturator. Add a gentle warmth or completely overload the signal, and adjust wow and flutter for unique, modulated effects.

Tube Preamp Mode

The ETD’s tube preamp simulator adds a gorgeous warmth and richness to any signal you pass through it. No delay, no saturation, just pure tube preamp glow... or crank up the gain and make things explode.

ETD 1.0 Video Walk-Thru

etd walk thruGet the Demo
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It’s a Tape Delay

The Echoleffe Tape Delay features three delay lines that can be independently panned across the stereo field, EQ'd and tweaked for effects ranging from subtle to massive. Add some grit with the overly exaggerated bias adjustment, or use the filters to created lo-fi echo effects. Tempo sync to your DAW for perfectly timed echoes based on music note values, or set the time manually for up to 4 seconds of delay per delay line.

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More Than Just Echoes

Beyond just delay, you have extensive control of all aspects of the tape. Tweak the age of the unit, simulate wearing out motors and tape heads and change tape formulations. Set Wow and Flutter for flanging and detune effects. Create reverbs that shimmer and move. Or nail the guitar sounds of your favorite players. The Echoleffe is massively versatile and fun to use.

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It’s a Tape Saturator

Top engineers often cut critical tracks on analog tape to get the sound of tape saturation. Tracks recorded to analog tape tend to sit better in the mix, thanks to the gentle compression and sweet harmonics that come from tape saturation. Now you can get that sound on your mixes using the ETD. Adjust all parameters - from gain to bias to tape formulations and age. The ETD can be as gorgeous as a vintage analog tape deck, or as crunched and nasty as you want it to be.

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It’s a Tube Preamp.

The heart of any audio system is its preamp. The ETD’s preamp is an enhanced recreation of a tube circuit from the late 1950s that sounded so good it was made into a guitar amp. Our ETD gives you complete control of that tube circuit so you can further tailor the sound of your delays, or use just the preamp to warm up a track or create a unique fuzz tone. Strap it across the mix bus. Fix a thin bass. The ETD tube preamp mode gives you simple yet effective controls to help shape your tracks.

ETD Block Diagram

Korneff ETD Block Diagram

Echoleffe Technical Specifications

Play/Record Electronics

Tube emulation of  3x ECC83, 1x ECC82

Input Stage

Stereo (linkable) inputs with tilt EQ centered at 1kHz, +5/-5dB gain, adjustable output from +10dB to -100db.

Output Stage

Stereo output, master dry/wet blend for parallel processing, adjustable low pass filter on the wet output bus.

Delay Functions

3x delay record heads, with adjustable stereo pan, high and low pass filter network and record bias.

Manual delay times from 1ms to 4000ms, full independence of all delay lines.

Host synched delay times from whole note to 1/64 triplet subdivisions.

2x playback heads, switchable (Reverb Density control).

Tape Functions

Wow and Flutter depth and rate adjustments, adjustable tape generation loss, adjustable low frequency head bump.

Switchable tape formulations (456, 499), adjustable tape age characteristics (print through, frequency response anomalies, etc)

Operation Modes

Tape Delay Mode, Tape Saturator Mode, Tube Preamp Mode.


Expandable preset library, A/B comparison tools.

Help and Documentation

Built-in manual and switchable tool tip help functions.

Software Requirements

Minimum System Requirements

  • Intel, AMD or Apple Silicon processor
  • 4GB of RAM
  • Mac OSX 10.14 or higher
  • Windows 7 & Above
  • Screen res: 1024 x 768 or higher


  • iLOK dongle, iLOK Cloud, iLOK System/Machine authorization
    Four (4) simultaneous authorizations
  • 64 bit DAW support only

Supported Plug-in Formats

  • Mac 64bit: VST3, AU, AAX
  • Windows 64bit: VST3, AAX
Current Release 1.0.3


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