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El Juan Limiter

A classic software limiter redefined: a seamless combination of familiar feel and expanded versatility.


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A classic reimagined into a 21st-century platform for "limitless" creativity.

The El Juan Limiter brings a wealth of features designed to maximize loudness, shape audio tones and provide creative control over your audio loudness. Drawing inspiration from a pioneering audio plugin that has left an indelible mark on the industry, the EJL pays homage to an iconic plugin by incorporating a range of new features and enhancements. Our EL Juan captures the clarity and ease of the original, and then goes beyond with expanded options for stereo processing, versatile release settings, waveshapers, customizable tone shaping curves, oversampling, and dithering capabilities.

Whether you're an expert mastering engineer, a mix engineer ready to give your tracks that last bit of shine, or a producer shaping your sounds, the El Juan Limiter is here for you to dive into some cool new audio adventures. Packed with awesome features, it works with your creative touch to take your sound to the next level.

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An intuitive, familiar front panel

Set the ceiling and pull down the threshold a bit and you're already in business, adding loudness and body to a mix with minimal effort. And we've added a few controls on the front to make it easy to get that  sound you're looking for.

Adjustable Release

  • MANUAL: Sculpt the sound to your exact specifications. Precisely dial in the release time, giving you exact control over the tail of your compression.
  • AUTO: Inspired by the Auto-Release curve of "that" legendary British Console bus compressor, this mode brings that classic, time-tested glue to your tracks.
  • SYNC: for processing that pulses and breathes with the rhythm, SYNC mode ensures that the compression dynamically moves in sync with your track. This is the ultimate in "Glue."

Stereo or Dual Mono

When enabled (linked), both channels will be processed together. When disabled (unlinked), the two dual mono channels respond to signals independently. This is super awesome for processing stereo groups that have varying audio in them, like toms, overheads, doubled vocals, etc..

Enhanced features for more creativity and versatility

The other side of the EJL gives you additional sonic control that makes El Juan tremendously versatile—this isn't a tool just for limiting and mastering.
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Input Shaping

The Input Section Waveshapers allow you to shape the character of the audio before it enters the limiter.

  • Flat: No additional processing yields a natural, what-goes-in is what-goes-out sound.
  • Round: Add harmonics to your input signal, resulting in warmer and more musical sonic content.
  • Punchy: Increase the perceived loudness and punchiness of your signal before it hits the limiter section. Yow bazinga!

Tone Control

Control the tonal balance of the audio going into the limiter for creative processing of grouped busses and individual tracks.

  • Flat: Leaves the frequency response unchanged.
  • Thick: Enhances low-frequency content for a fat, warm sound.
  • Presence: Boosts midrange frequencies for increased articulation in the 2k -5k region.
  • Bright: Emphasizes high-frequency content for sparkle and air up there.
  • Hype: Adds an exciting, exaggerated tonal character to the top and bottom for energy and punch.

Expanded Dithering

On the El Juan, dithering isn't something that just reduces processing artifacts. It's a creative tool for your sonic experiments.

  • 24/16bit: Standard dithering options for uncolored, HR processing.
  • Variable Low Resolution: A slider lets you explore dithering options down to 4 bits. Get colors ranging from a touch of lo-fi to the sounds of vintage samplers to the grind of bit-crushing. The El Juan isn't just for mastering.

Videos and Media

Korneff Plugin Licensing

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Software Based

Korneff Audio uses a software-based licensing system. No USB or hardware dongles, no special drivers are needed.

Four Activations

Our plugins can be activated on up to four (4) machines at the same time. 


An internet connection is required to active our software. Internet connection required for all demos.


Current Version: 
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Minimum System Requirements

  • Intel, AMD or Apple Silicon i5 quad core processor
  • 4GB of RAM
  • Mac OSX 10.14 or higher
  • Windows 7 & Above
  • Screen res: 1024 x 768 or higher

Supported Plugin Formats

  • Mac 64bit: VST3, AU, AAX
  • Windows 64bit: VST3, AAX
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EJL Bug Reporting

We appreciate your support and getting involved with our testing.  Use this secure form to report bugs or any comments you might have.