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Amplified Instrument Processor


A monster of a channel strip you’ll use everywhere.

The Amplified Instrument Processor is a complete suite of tools designed to help you sculpt the ultimate guitar, bass or keyboard tone. 

But the AIP much more than that. 

Its power and versatility make it an excellent processor for virtually any audio task. The AIP can work wonders on vocals, acoustic instruments, pianos, group buses and even across the whole mix. 
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Aip Front Angle

AIP Block Diagram

Block Diagram
  • Input and Output Trim
  • PSP Proprietary Signal Processing
  • IMF Insufferable Midrange Filter
  • Filters 1st Order High and Low Pass
  • EQ 4 band Fully Parametric
  • VCA VCA Compression
  • FDR Frequency Dependent Reduction
  • Stereo Width Stereo Width Enhancement
  • Dry / Wet Use the AIP as a parallel processor
Aip Eq

Parametric Equalization

The AIP has 4 bands of fully parametric EQ based on German Klangfilm tube equalizers of the 1950’s. This EQ combines digital precision and flexibility with analog quirkiness and unpredictability.

  • Up to 36dB of boost and cut using gain scaling.
  • Independently switchable high-pass and low-pass filtering.
  • Switchable response: modern active or vintage passive EQ curve types.
  • Circuit age modeling: dial in analog anomalies to simulate aging components.
  • Channel Variance: 16 different channels variations model the slight imperfections of vintage handmade equipment.

Proprietary Signal Processing

This is the Secret Mojo Sauce of the AIP. Forget about swapping in preamp plugins. Change characteristics of the AIP by switching between different response modeling and adjusting a slew rate emulation.

  • Tube response modeling provides a warm, round tone that’s perfect for bass and male voices.
  • Tape response modeling gives your signal low end push and high end sparkle. Great for heavy electric guitars, kicks and snares.
  • Solid State response modeling emulates the midrange forward sound of 70’s consoles like those made out in California by companies... that we can't name... Great for making things in your face.
Aip Psp Rear 2
Aip Vca

VCA Compressor

The AIP’s VCA Compressor emulation is based on the classic dbx 202 VCA integrated circuit. This compressor is great for guitars, but smooth and musical enough to work with vocals.

  • Full control of all parameters: threshold, ratio, attack, release and makeup gain.
  • Switchable position in the signal path — place it pre or post EQ.
  • Adjustable nulling - control the amount of color and crunch when the compressor is hit hard.

Frequency Dependent Gain Reduction

The AIP has yet another compressor on it; this one designed to work on selected ranges of frequencies below 600Hz. Clean up the bottom end of chugging guitars, tame resonant bass notes, knock out chestiness on vocals or take the ring out of a kick drum.

Aip Fdr 1000
Aip Imf 1000

Insufferable Midrange Filter

Overdubs and doubling can lead to a nasty build-up in the presence range. This specialized notch filter takes care of the annoying 2kHz “whistle” of electric guitars, vocal sibilance, excessive cymbal hash, and finger squeaks or pick noise from acoustic instruments.

Stereo Widening

Unlike many stereo widening processors, the AIP’s stereo widening algorithm lets you spread things out across the sound stage without sacrificing the solidity of the center. Wrap reverb and ambience around listeners, enhance the movement and sweep of keyboard pads, and put them dual guitar parts at opposite sides of the stage, and then some.

Aip Width 1000
Aip Rta

Real Time Analyzer

The AIP’s RTA shows you the frequency response of your signal, and superimposes all of your EQ curves and Frequency Dependent Gain Reduction settings for fast, intuitive fine tuning.

Minimum System Requirements
  • 1 GHz Intel Dual Core Processor or AMD equivalent (PC)
  • 4GB of RAM
  • Mac OS X 10.7 or higher, 10.14 or higher recommended
  • Windows 7 & Above
  • Screen res: 1024 x 768 or higher
  • iLok dongle or iLok Cloud
  • 64 bit DAW support only
Supported Plugin Formats
  • Intel Mac 64bit: VST3, AU, AAX
  • Windows 64bit: VST3, AAX
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121 reviews for Amplified Instrument Processor

  1. Clifton Develle Cameron

    Korneff is at it again. Everything they touch is golden. Truly art here and the tones from all of their products including the other side of Korneff with the Basic Drum Co are truly musical, magnetic, and well designed. User friendly, clear, and sounding extremely impressive. Plus there's a wealth of knowledge provided by Dan "The Man" Korneff himself. It's time to create!

  2. Zane Pugh (verified owner)

    To say I am impressed with the versatility and ease of use of this magnificent plugin is an understatement.

    This will be the last channel strip I will ever need.

  3. Jason Soudah (verified owner)

    WOW!!! Thank you Dan Korneff and your Korneff Audio team (Luke et al) for this AMAZING new plugin! I have only just been using it for about 40 mins and am sold - I thought this big trailer mix was finished, and was just getting in to do final tweaks before delivery tonight, and tried this on my guitar and vocal busses - holy ****!!!!! As usual, the presets are amazing and so much to tweak - loving the threshold dependent frequency stuff like the stuff "round the other side" and especially the "Insufferable Midrange FIlter" which is letting my lead vocal SOAR and the guitars GNARL without being harsh or softened - INCREDIBLE!! Highly recommend you all check this out - there's a free trial as well!! BRILLIANT!!

  4. Armando Cadena (verified owner)

    Always come out with great tools that make work flows faster and more efficient. again for the win 🤘

  5. Brendan McCusker (verified owner)

    so many great components in this plugin! it sounds killer on guitars, bass, vocals, and even on drums. so good!

  6. Guillermo Mur (verified owner)

    One of the best channel strips I’ve ever tested, my new go to for guitars

  7. Steve Sopchak (verified owner)

    One of the most comprehensive, all-in-one processors I've ever used and it sounds fantastic.

  8. Dakota Caldwell (verified owner)

    The AIP instantly became a mainstay for my guitar bus as soon as I tried it. It replaced about 4 or 5 other plugins in the chain, and does an even better job than what they were doing! Can’t recommend this plugin enough for guitar or bass sources, but is also super useful on other things like drums and vocals as well.

  9. Scott Middleton (verified owner)

    Essential channel strip that could only be designed from an engineer that thinks like the rest of us, one solves so many issues in fast and easy steps that usually take 3-4 other plugins to do. Such a winner, buy this and Pawn Shop and thank me later.

  10. Jeff Dean (verified owner)

    I’m basically using this on everything now❤️

  11. Doug Allen (verified owner)

    Not just another channel strip. It's user-friendly enough to sound good quickly, and detailed enough to really dig in. If the intention was to feel and sound like something in the analog world with innovative digital features, you nailed it.

  12. Steve Tyner (verified owner)

    Amazing plugin! Instant classic!

  13. Luke Begley (verified owner)

    This plugin is honestly incredible, Has literally everything you need , Utter genius features, the midrange feature, the eq sounds amazing, so much stuff going on has changed the way I mix, thanks for making such awesome products !

  14. James Wysynski (verified owner)

    AIP is rad! All the tools I need for guitar tone shaping in one plugin. Well done, Korneff!

  15. Alejandro Venguer (verified owner)

    So many options within one plugin and all of them sound pretty amazing and help you get where you want to go pretty damn fast. The IMF is particularly unique and useful!

  16. sean russell (verified owner)

    Increíble on multiple sources! This thing just replaced four different plugs on my guitar buss, alone. Very much digging the midrange filter - I’ve never seen those kind of options, before!! Went ahead and checked out the talkback limiter and, WOW! F’ing awesome stuff!

  17. malik trey (verified owner)

    This is not a sold review ... I am really Imressed by this channel... I download the demo... adding this channel to a mix... Holly Jesus... This German klangfilm eq opens my mix in a different way... Never will miss this channel... Buying after few minutes of trying. Great work guys.. Can't wait what's coming next. Korneff is now one of my fav plugin brands.
    Malik Trey

  18. Nicholas Roy (verified owner)

    The thing is the chanelstrip i’have been waiting for!!! It’s better than all your best plugins put together! Awesome work on this plugin!

  19. dirk leupolz (verified owner)

    Aip rocks! Nicely effective dials and killer mojo - drum loop detail is my go to preset flavor of the month...

  20. Alan Sacha Laskow (verified owner)

    This thing is pretty incredible actually, and I have literally a billion plugins. This is a one-stop guitar / bass channel strip shop, and has replaced probably 4-5 plugins on my guitar bus. Korneff stuff always sounds great and this is just a massive time saver workflow-wise along with the killer sonics. One feature request would be a mix control for just the saturation piece.

  21. Mat Mills (verified owner)

    The Swiss army knife of instruments! I didnt even bother demoing it, everything from Korneff is unique and offer things that no other plugin can do. Just take my money. =)

  22. Jeffrey Harris (verified owner)

    No more traditional SSL channel strips please; got way too many different variations of those. More like this unorthodox Tube monster like this please!

  23. Michael Wirth (verified owner)

    The Amplified Instrument Processor is truly one of the best EQ´s in the plugin world. It´s transperent but still it´s the perfect tool to high light vocals or instruments.

  24. brian swindle (verified owner)

    The Amplified Instrument Processor was the first plug-in demo that I’ve used that I immediately said “I have to buy this”. It is a must have for any level of engineer. Makes your guitars shine.

  25. Nicholas Sullens (verified owner)

    Absolute game changer. It’s already made it’s way into my baseline mixing template because I already know it’s going in the mix. Lots of versatility on stringed instruments but also fun to experiment with on other sound sources too! I try it on just about everything.

  26. Brett Hardin (verified owner)

    Korneff Audio plug-ins have so much of the right kind of analog character! I absolutely love them and use them on all my mixes. I especially dig the Amplified Instrument Processor. Rock on, guys!

  27. Kevin Mulcahy (verified owner)

    This is a fantastic channel strip for guitars and guitar bus. The overall feel of the eq is excellent and the midrange filter is very handy! The backside controls help to further tame certain frequencies and I really dig the frequency dependent gain reduction. I haven’t tried any presets but it’s very easy to get this thing working in spite of the crazy amount of options at your disposal. So far, really loving it. Well done!

  28. ross chatman (verified owner)

    The insufferable panel alone is worth it, but add in the rest of Dan Korneff in a box and it’s basically a no-brainer!

  29. Jamie Collazo (verified owner)

    This is the most musical and SMOOTH plugin that I own.

  30. Kenneth Green (verified owner)

    The AIP is in a league of its own. The secret sauce button is what you didn’t know you were missing! It literally takes everything to the next level, making your guitars, bass, etc to new heights. It’s an absolute no brainer!

  31. Michael Keller (verified owner)

    Mind blowing plug in! This is a game changer.

  32. Andrew Christman (verified owner)

    Korneff knocks it out of the park again with the AIP. Rules on vocals, drums, and anything else that’s run through it. LOVE IT.

  33. Eric Kniss (verified owner)

    The AIP is an absolute game changer on guitars! Throw it up on the guitar bus and with just a few small tweaks the guitars sound bigger, wider, cut better, and sit better in the mix. The controls are simple and intuitive to use and highly effective, I can see this as an effective tool for any bus or instrument or even the whole mic or as a mastering processor! I’ve bare dug in to what is already my new favorite plugin and I can’t wait to see what other uses I can find for the AIP!

  34. Charlie Kramsky (verified owner)

    Everything you need is in this one plug-in! Being able to change the age of a circuit gets you to the finish line so much faster.

  35. epik epix (verified owner)

    All in one perfect tool to get a Quick set of controls on the source of your sounds. Absolutely love the quality of tone on output. God Bless

  36. Brett Carpenter (verified owner)

    LOVE AIP. It makes everything sound phenomenal. Get it NOW. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR.

  37. Double Hook (verified owner)

    The AIP is an amazing plugin! It can be used on all instruments, but where it really shines for me -- is on guitars. The insufferable midrange filter and PSP are incredible sculpting tools - coupled with an amazing compressor and top notch EQ's. You can pretty much do anything with this channel strip! I love it - and you will too! I have all 3 plugins from Korneff and this is currently my favorite.

  38. Naohiro Tsukahara (verified owner)

    It is really cheating especially for rhythm guitars.

  39. Thomas Leahy (verified owner)

    Eliminates 3-4 plugins from your guitar bus, and sounds better than those 4 plugs did too.

    Dan’s perspective and workflow is unmatched.

  40. Bernard Curry (verified owner)

    Secret sauce baby! Be it subtle or smashing, this all in one CPU saver does it all. Just add delay and rev and you got yourself a sweet track, or mix.

  41. Shane Grush (verified owner)

    AIP is a fantastic product. After purchasing I dropped this bad boy in a mix I've been working on, and I was immediately impressed by the IMF section. Placing this insert across my guitar bus really helped me get the result I was after. Prior to that moment, I was chasing some midrange harshness. Well, the job is done thanks to The AIP.

    On a side note, Luke was super helpful. Upon my purchase, I did not notice that I had a "cached" instance of the Pawn Shop Comp in my cart as well. Luke helped me with a refund within minutes. That was pretty awesome seeing as it was Black Friday.

    Thanks Luke!

  42. Michael Mooney (verified owner)

    AIP is freakin bananas yo! Really surprised at how well AIP works as general all round channel strip and even on the masterbus. AIP oozes character and analog mojo. I only wish more plugs were as flexible.

  43. Malcom Owen-Flood (verified owner)

    Dan and the team just keep making unbelievable products, and as long as they do - I’ll keep buying them!

    If a plug in can sound 3D - these are the pinnacle of that.

  44. armando cadena (verified owner)

    easy to use and the presets are spot on looking forward to more of your awesome work 🤘

  45. Leon del Muerte (verified owner)

    Worth it for the "insufferable midrange filter" alone, but this whole thing replaced a bunch of plugins for me. I can't see leaving it out of a mix now.

  46. James Kovalsky (verified owner)

    I think the plugin is very unique and can see it making its way into many of my future mixes. Great job!

  47. CHARLES BEREZANSKY (verified owner)

    I’ve never been more impressed by a plug in. Dan is the man! Thank you

  48. Garret Prater (verified owner)

    Another Home Run! I didn't think there was room in my toolbox for another channel strip but the AIP sounds stellar on anything you throw at it.

  49. Étienne Raymond (verified owner)

    Super easy to use, sounds awesome!

  50. Eric Shulman (verified owner)

    The entire product line is brilliant! The presets are amazing starting points and I don’t think I would do a mix without AIP or pawn shop.

  51. kei shiraishi (verified owner)

    cool plugin. lots of things you can do with it!
    I need to get pawn shop comp too.

  52. Alexander Lowe (verified owner)

    Great sounding plugins that can go from subtle to hardcore. Love the graphics to. They make it a lot of fun.

  53. Gary Bareis (verified owner)

    The possibilities with this plugin is tremendous! It has made my mixes a million times better!

  54. KENNETH HELLAND (verified owner)

    I never write reviews, but this plugin is special. I was successful in my promise to myself to avoid any Black Friday purchases until I made the mistake of downloading the AIP demo. This thing is magic. I threw it all over a mix I was working on and I was blown away and pulled out my wallet immediately. Guitars, bass, drums, synths, vocals... there is nothing this thing doesn't make sound better. My mixes have never had more depth and dimension, everything sits where it should. This immediately became a desert island plugin for me, I can't recommend it enough.

  55. Siegfried Meier (verified owner)

    One of the most unique plugins to come out in a long time!! Sonically, it has everything you’d ever need and feels much cooler than other channel strips. This is all over my mixes since it was released!! 11 out of 10!!

  56. Marc Schultz (verified owner)

    These plugins are such a treat! Superb modelling of superior gear! You just gotta have it!

  57. Joseph Lekkas (verified owner)

    Excellent. Just like everything Korneff Audio makes

  58. Jonathan Wilkerson (verified owner)

    Amazing. Like everyone else, works on guitars like a dream.

  59. Patrick Ogrodnik (verified owner)

    The aip sounds absolutely amazing! Every piece to the chain blows other plugins (which are capable of only one aspect of the aip)away. It is a one stop shop for all my channels’ needs. Truly impressed with the functionality and tone for the price. Cannot beat it!!

  60. joe carroll (verified owner)

    AIP is Awesome! Took about 5 minutes of just "twiddling" around to come up with a killer sound to get an acoustic guitar to cut through a mix! I can see a lot of use in the future!

  61. Eric Hill (verified owner)

    Kickass toolkit for guitar. Long overdue.

  62. Sterling Winfield (verified owner)

    This thing rocks! My new guitar plug of choice. 🤘😝🤘

  63. Henrik Håkansson (verified owner)

    Killing that high whistle in metal guitars? makeing them synth pads wide as the heavens? Look no further. AIP is here!!

    Seriously? Has that man ever done anything bad? 🤷🏻‍♂️

  64. Jeremy Wurst (verified owner)

    Incredible plug-in! Does the job 5 or more plugins does in one and more importantly sounds amazing.

  65. Austin Reed (verified owner)

    Touches guitars beautifully

  66. Hector Santiago (verified owner)

    It’s stupid GOOD!

  67. Stephen Marro (verified owner)

    Such a versatile, Useful tool! Defiantly a go to!

  68. Max Stratmann (verified owner)

    Honestly this is the most innovative channel strip I’ve seen in a long time. It’s not another SSL or “insert buzz brand” channel strip. It honestly brings something new to the table and is infinitely more flexible than any other channel strip I own. The harmonic resonance filter is unbelievably useful and musical it helps so much on guitars and even overheads, bass, vocals, or any other harmonically rich material. The different vibe that comes from the tape, tube, and solid state settings are VERY apparent and can completely bring a new sound. Honestly can’t recommend this enough.

    The whole plugin can be used in parallel but would love to see a parallel option on just the compression section. But absolutely not a deal breaker. Looking for it in an update maybe 🤔

  69. Justin Van Hook (verified owner)

    All of Korneff’s plug-ins are birthed from a pure passion for creative audio manipulation and sonic quality. No gimmicks, no marketing tricks, just really really good sounding plugins that are inspiring and extremely fun to use.

  70. Billy Maerdian (verified owner)

    Have only been using this for a few days but man this plugin is killer! There’s so much versatility/customizability in this plugin that completely separates it from any other channel strip. Still have a lot to learn about all of its functionality but even just starting with presets on guitars sound great. Not sure what’s going on under that PSP button but I instantly fell in love the moment I pressed it. Way to go Korneff! Looking forward to your future plugins.

  71. Nils Herchenroeder (verified owner)

    Absolutely blown away by how good my guitars and bass sound with this in my inserts!

  72. Joe scaletta (verified owner)

    Its easy to use and can cut a long list of plugins for guitar down tona single plugin

  73. Austin Pilarski (verified owner)

    AIP is a guitar must have tool. It makes something that sounds good, sound like a final product with minimal effort, considering all the tools you need are right in front of you in one convenient plugin! Thanks Dan & the Korneff Audio team for this great tool!

  74. Leonardo Mattei (verified owner)

    Dare I say its one of best channel strips ever made if your recording heavy metal guitars? It's basically a swiss army knife that will take your recorded guitars from "great sounding" to professionally polished! I tried it on synths too, and it's excellent!

  75. Keith LuBrant (verified owner)

    Everything you need, wrapped up in one great plugin that sounds fantastic!

  76. Geoff Patrishkoff (verified owner)

  77. Jun Koyama (verified owner)

    Without a doubt, one of the best saturation software out there. No, it could be number one.

  78. Dylan Cottee (verified owner)

    Amazing plugin for versatile use over tracks like guitar, bass, vox and drums. Love the tweakables on the back. Thanks all!

  79. John Douglass (verified owner)

    Great blend of practical tools and just-make-it-better sauce!

  80. Carlos Sarmiento (verified owner)

    Its awesome. Its like if Rambo was a plugin. Easy to use, im getting really Good results on guitar bus, on cymbals n rooms. You name it. Thanks Dan!

  81. John Maciel (verified owner)

    AIP is the type of plugin that you didn't realize you needed in your life until you get it. Once you have it you don't see it never being part of your workflow. AIP is the Gameshark of tone shaping, it's the ultimate cheat code.

  82. Anthony Floryshak (verified owner)

    I have all there plugins and have not ben disappointed!

  83. Loren Moore (verified owner)

  84. Tan Ou Wen (verified owner)

    The AIP is all I need on my Guitar Buses

  85. Phillip Campbell (verified owner)

    Great character and workflow ....Totally adds to the sonic palette

  86. Anders Nyberg (verified owner)

    Lots of character and tweakability - sounds awesome!

  87. Jason Ackerman (verified owner)

    Stunning feature set in the AIP. It is my new go to for cleaning up harshness in guitars, Keep up the great work guys!

  88. David Henszey (verified owner)

    Just amazing vibes. Much more than the sum of its processors. Looking forward to hearing the next surprise.

  89. Clifton Feagin (verified owner)

    Not just a Swiss Army knife, but an incredible one at that. The Insufferable Midrange Filter is worth the price of the plugin alone, but adding in the best tape saturation I’ve ever heard, in addition to the proprietary signal processing and random channel console emulation situation, this thing is extremely badass. I’ve never written a review for a plugin, but this one id do a podcast about. It’s great. You should have already purchased it. No seriously, stop reading this and buy it already. ✌🏼

  90. Klaus Sandberg (verified owner)

    Normally when developers make a channelstrip some part of it sucks😳
    How the hell is it that Korneff is able to make all of the sections perfect???
    The combination of midrange notch and the woof woof dynamic eq on the back is worth the price of admission.
    The should change the name to AAF - Analog As F*#k

  91. DonTell Mazone (verified owner)

    I just bought this plugin (AIP). With all of these cool features, my workflow should improve drastically. Thank you for putting this all on one easy-to-use GUI!

  92. Jayden Lehmann (verified owner)

    The Insufferable Midrange Filter is a game changer

  93. Tim De Gieter (verified owner)

    Amazing plugin and concept. My usual guitar chain was a combination of 6 different plugs, each doing a specific task, and this one not only replaces them but sounds a whole lot better. Thanks Korneff!

  94. Vasil Valchev (verified owner)

    Changes the game! Works wonders with guitars.

  95. MR GUY PAGE (verified owner)

    AIP is the first plugin in a very long time to have a significant impact on my workflow, rather than just being another nice channel strip which is even more realistic than the last one, etc etc.
    Love it.

  96. Leander Hoffmann (verified owner)

    Great channel strip, especially the EQ. Love how Korneff Audio are carving their own niche, kinda like "mad doctor plugins" 😀

  97. Juhani Suominen (verified owner)

    The AIP is an absolute BEAST!

    It’s already found it’s way to most of my instrument (and vocal) busses and I don’t see it going anywhere.

    The IMF and FDR work wonders on taming the harsh frequencies and the PSP gives an overall great tone!

    No doubt my favourite purchase the year!

  98. Horst Koerner (verified owner)

    Hey folks,
    awesome pure piece of gear!!!
    I'm Working in an very analog environment and i like that both worlds come perfectly together in your Plugins.
    The the general look is haptic kind of trash in a good way;) remarkable style!
    the Gains upside down on the AIP slows down the workflow but keep the brain alive 🙂
    Overall Beautiful to expire the range of sounds and hidden Knobs!
    Cheers from good old Germany Berlin Funkhaus

  99. Andy Tasker (verified owner)

    AIP could and perhaps should be 3 or 4 times the price. It’s brilliant. So many options and possibilities and I haven’t even popped the lid yet! Keep up the good work guys!

  100. Julius Weise (verified owner)

    The AIP is really good. It combines a lot of plugins you might use on your guitars/bass/synths anyway. Everything is musical and sounds great!

  101. John Braner (verified owner)

    AIP is a sweet sounding "channel strip". It is not just for guitar - it sounds great on drums, piano, bass - well, everything.
    It also works great in conjunction with the Pawn Shop Compressor.

    Do yourself a favour, and try it out...

  102. Sebastian Trauter (verified owner)

    This Plugin is absolute phenomenal (as always).

  103. Nicolas E Arocha (verified owner)

    AIP takes your guitars from Zero to hero!! Excellent!!

  104. Jake Solway (verified owner)

    Fantastic plug-in. The insufferable midrange filter has helped me fix so many little issues that I couldn’t nail beforehand.

  105. Jonathan Hammer (verified owner)

    The most analog-sounding channel strip I've ever used. It's also powerful enough to be THE processor for my kick and snare alone. Truly a game changer. Korneff audio is making some of the most exciting analog-styled plugins!

  106. A. S. (verified owner)

    One plugin to rule them all

  107. Aaron Pace (verified owner)

    This plugin single handedly replaced 90% of the plugins on my guitar buss! Instant workflow and super intuitive controls, I'm finally getting compliments on guitar sound (instead of just drums and vocals). The midrange filter is also extremely useful on synths and vocals for pesky ringing resonances!

  108. Eviatar Aron (verified owner)

    The user interface is great and very user friendly. The plugin provides great results and is arranged to facilitate a great workflow.

  109. Anthony Wallace (verified owner)

    Amazing plugin! There is no need for multiple plugins to mix guitars you have everything you need and more with this one plugin! It sounds amazing and is so easy to get the guitars sitting well in the mix! I have not come across any other plugin that can do what this does.

  110. Edward Jones (verified owner)

    I am barely scratching the surface of what this thing can do, but I am already blown away. This is going to replace a LOT of plugins... amazing!!

  111. Willsie Scott (verified owner)

    Works great on electric guitars. Has a large amount of tools that allows fine sculpting, but especially in the midrange. Can’t wait to try on other sources. Great product!

  112. Luke Begley (verified owner)

    Everything about this is superb !

  113. Nicholas Sullens (verified owner)

    Top notch plugin. Already in my mix template because I know I'm going to use it on everything I can. Absolute game changer on stringed instruments!

  114. casey sabol (verified owner)

    AIP sounds amazing! The compression and EQ sound incredibly warm and the proprietary processing button really helped me get another notch up in size on my guitars. I've actually found it really useful on acoustic guitars and synths as well. The insufferable midrange filter is dialed-in perfectly for reducing harshness and then introducing some smooth high end back in. Of all the plugins I have that serve basically as channel strips on a console, this one is BY FAR the best sounding.

  115. Joseph Dell'Aquila (verified owner)

    This plugin has so much flexibility. It took about 15 min for me to realize how much of a difference this could make on any channel. I can really see this being an "all-in-1" tool. The Frequency Dependent Gain Reduction is impressive and can really help clean up your sound, and does wonders for unwanted lower mid range frequencies. (impressive on acoustic guitars as a first test!)

    Also surprised at how well the stereo width works. I feel like a lot of plugins have never really nailed enhancing the stereo field without ruining your sound, but this plugin is seamless! Loving the Real Time Analyzer as well! Lots of other goodies to play with on this bad boy and I can't wait.

    I see this finding a new home on my Mix bus in the near future. -

    Joe Dell'Aquila - Exeter Recordings

  116. john cameron Elliott (verified owner)

    total problem solver! gets me where i need to go faster on guitars then my previous mix chain. gui is a little crowded / takes a little time to get used to though, but that said, i recommend it highly!

  117. Andrew Wayne (verified owner)

    Killer plug-in! The AIP shaves off tons of time that I would normally spend messing around with my guitar tone. The Insufferable Midrange Filter is probably the best sounding and time saving guitar processing trick I've found. Everything else included in the AIP is just a massive bonus.

  118. jesse alvarado (verified owner)

    It really has a 3 dimensional quality to the sound.
    The pawnshop compressor made a vocal I was having issues with come to life instantly!
    The Talkback limiter was just the right sound needed for parallel on kick and snare, again very 3D sounding. Great tools!

  119. Dale Bertheola (verified owner)

    AIP kicks ass!

  120. Mark Young (verified owner)

    This plug-in was my early Christmas gift to myself. MAN did I ever score!

    The saturation, warmth, and extensive features of this plug-in are an amazing value. It is going to find its way onto everything. EVERYTHING!

  121. William McHenry (verified owner)

    This plugin is like the Frank's Red Hot Sauce of plugins "I put that sh*t on everything!" One of the best plugin purchases I've ever made.

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