Talkback Limiter Changelog

Talkback Limiter

Current Release: Talkback Limiter 1.2.1

  • MacOS AU Fix invalid plug-in version
  • Initial OpenGL setting set to OFF

Release: 1.2.0

  • Update default font
  • Update preset browser function
  • Preset folder location changed
  • Update Info Panel
  • Replace image blur effect
  • MacOS Native M1 Binary
  • Remove x64 from PC plug-in name

Release 1.1.0


  • Gain Reduction Meter improved
  • Power Rail distortion added to wet/dry blend
  • Preset Browser does not automatically close when selecting a preset
  • Plug-in Delay Compensation adjustment


  • iLok System Authorization
  • -20dB pad added to Input Select
  • Input and Output meters added
  • +/-20dB Input and Ouput Trim added
  • Tooltips Button
  • Onboard Manual Button
  • A/B Compare Buttons
  • Undo/Redo Buttons
  • Next/Previous Preset toggle Buttons
  • Save current settings as Preset Button
  • GPU Acceleration