Pawn Shop Comp


Gritty. Punchy. Smooth. Warm. You decide.

The Pawn Shop Comp adds character and presence to anything you put through it. It sounds great the moment you strap it across a track. Use the front panel controls to easily dial in a great sound, or flip it around to the back and experience a whole new level of tweak-ability in an audio plugin.
Minimum System Requirements
  • Quad Core i5 Processor
  • 4GB of RAM
  • Mac OS X 10.7 or Later
  • Windows 7 & Above
Supported Plugin Formats
  • Intel Mac 64bit: VST3, AU, AAX
  • Windows 64bit: VST3, AAX
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The Front Side

Tube Signal Path

The audio path is an emulation of a vintage tube amplifier circuit. The warm and gritty character of this box can't be denied. Turn off the limiter and use the Pawn Shop Comp to add tube goodness to your tracks.

FET Limiter

The compressor circuit is designed around FET (Field Effect Transistor) curves of the classic solid state FET limiters of the 1970's. From HUGE drums to subtle vocals, the Pawn Shop Comp can get those sounds, but with the warmth of  tubes! 

Intuitive and easy

The Threshold control is interactive with the Auto Make-up Gain function, which allows you to focus on creating music instead of tweaking levels. The Ratio has a standard range of vintage limiters, 2:1 all the way up to 20:1.

Barely there to Hell Yeah!

The Ratio is adjustable over a wide range - from just a touch to an all out beatdown. This thing sounds good even when you try to make it sound baaaad.

Punchy? Tame?

The Attack can be set from 1m to 100ms. Choose how much punch you want with precise control over the transients.

Pump it up!

Release settings from 10m to 300ms let you dial in how much sustain, how much pump... or how smooth it can be.

The Other Side

Gorgeous to Gross

Adjust the preamp Bias and Gain to emulate a range of tube circuit sounds. Bias adds grit, Preamp adds gain and saturation. The Pawn Shop Comp can do from smooth to off the hook.

Highs and Lows

The Weight and Focus controls allow you to shape the lows and highs in a manner similar to tone controls on vintage outboard equalizers.

If you've had trouble getting huge bass sounds before, you won't anymore.

Tailor the Curves

Swap out resistors: carbon for a warmer, noisier sound, metal film for modern clean sparkle. Swap out the FET's to change the compression from round and subtle to hard and pumping. Check your adjustments with the control voltage indicator. 

Get Levels Just Right

Input and Output levels allow you to adjust the Pawn Shop Comp for Unity Gain. This allows you to insert it into a channel and then adjust it so there is no change of level as you switch it in and out.

Finishing Touches

Squeeze out additional overtones by cranking up the Operating Level. And then get the right balance of effect to original track by using WetDry. The Pawn Shop Comp has built-in parallel processing.

Coming Soon...

More swappable components! Change out different tubes to get classic sounds, or invent something entirely your own.

Videos and Tutorials

More of these coming soon... stay tuned!
The Pawn Shop Comp across the drum bus. This quick demo will also give you an idea of all the controls.
Dan discusses his workflow at Mix Con. Pawn Shop Comp demonstrated  at 28:17 min.
A first look at the PWC, with a good explanation of its capabilities. - from Tim Talks Audio.
From PluginFox - a run through of the controls, stressing how the front panel interacts.
A PSC commercial.
Another, different, but very similar PSC commercial...

Presets for the Pawn Shop Comp

There are a bunch of producers, mixers and engineers working with the PSC. And they're making us PRESETS that you'll be able to download right here for FREE... as soon as we have them... but we don't have them, yet, because we've been busy.

  • Coming Soon: Bass Presets

    The Pawn Shop Comp is magic on the low end. We can't wait til you use it. Our beta testers report that it's "The best compressor for bass ever made." You'll see. Hear. Whatever.

  • Coming Soon: Mix Presets

    The Pawn Shop Comp across the mix bus is Wunderbar! Try playing with the release to move the quiet stuff in the mix forwards. Then flip it around to the other side, turn the Weight knob clockwise and see what happens.

  • Coming Soon: Vocal Presets

    Run a vox track through the Pawn Shop Comp and add flavor and character, or smooth it out like glass. The Pawn Shop Comp is good for vocals from Celine Dion to Slayer. The Pawn Shop Comp can turn Celine Dion INTO Slayer!

  • Coming Soon: Guitar Presets

    What's better than crunchy huge guitars? Crunchy huge guitars run through a crunchy huge compressor! And then double the guitars, and put the Pawn Shop Comp across the entire mix.

Geek Out on These Specs!

Type:Compressor Amplifier
Gain:56 db bridging 600 ohm line
Frequency Response: ±2.4 db, 30-15,000 cycles
Power Output: +24 dbm (as straight amplifier)
Harmonic Distortion:At 25 db of compression: Less than 9.4%, 35-15,000 cycles; (0 db threshold setting)
At 30 db of compression: Less than 6.5%, 25-10,000 cycles;
(0 db threshold setting)
Noise Level:74 db below rated output (—111 dbm equivalent input noise)
Input Impedance: 15,000 ohms bridging transformer
Source Impedance: Any
Load Impedance: 600 ohms
Maximum Compression: 100 db
Attack Time:Adjustable: .001 to .1 seconds
Release Time: Adjustable: .01 to .3 seconds (67% recovery)
Threshold: Adjustable: 0 db to -100 db
Compression Ratio: Adjustable: 2:1 to 20:1, with increment of 1
Power Supply:117 volts, 60 cycles, 20 watts
Tubes:12AX7, 6V6
Dimensions:600px width, 400px height
Weight:68MB Approx.
Download our very cool spec pdf!